Bear Force Vodka

This exclusive VIP vodka from Russia in produced in limited volumes due to the use of the time and labor intensive artisanal methods of its production. The flavor is rich and exquisite with a long, smooth, luxurious finish.

Bear Force

VIP Russian Vodka

Origin  Russia
MSRP  $26.99
Bottle  750 ml, 1 L, 1,750 ml and 50 ml
Bear Force Vodka


Bear Force Russian Vodka

In the saturated vodka segment of the distilled spirit industry, how do you make a new brand to stand out? What makes Bear Force vodka different? Our exclusive vodka is produced in Russia and the creators of Bear Force vodka were inspired by the idea of producing a truly unique vodka by using the artisanal methods of vodka manufacture which were developed in Russia many centuries ago. Due to the time and labor intensive processes involved in production of Bear Force (for example, the finished vodka is rested for 45 days before bottling versus the ususl 24 hours), it is available only in limited supply.

The presentation is as elegant and sophisticated as the spirit within. Hand-decorated labels are designed to showcase the untamed, powerful and noble character of Bear Force vodka.



Vodka Bear Force is produced in Russia at Bryansk distillery that was founded in 1901. The distillery uses artisanal methods of vodka manufacture drawing from the rich history and traditions of vodka crafts in Russia. They use the selected elite grains of wheat and rye which are grown in an ecologically clean area further insuring the purity of the product.