Honey Whisky Liqueur

Zuidam Honey Whisky liqueur is hand-crafted from the finest natural ingredients combined with the high-quality malt whisky. Ideal as an afterdinner drink on its own or over ice.

Honey Whisky


Origin  Holland
Producer  Zuidam Distillery
Alc. By Vol.  40%
Bottle  750 ml
Zuidam Honey Whisky Liqueur


Honey Whisky Liqueur

Zuidam Honey Whisky liqueur is made by blending distillates of Marjoram, fresh sweet and bitter oranges and lemons with extracts of cloves, cinnamon and lemon verbena and adding malt whisky, honey, sugar and neutral grain spirit and then marrying everything together.

The whisky used in the production of Honey Whisky Liqueur is made in small copper, hand-made stills from barley that is milled in the traditional windmills. This has not only helps to preserve the historic Dutch mills, but also prevents the barley from being heated, which negatively affects the taste. Using this high-quality, fruity whisky, which is aged in new casks made from American white oak, Zuidam distillery has produced this excellent liqueur. On the nose, a delightful combination of honey and fragrant floral notes followed by toffee, banana a little bit of anise. On the tongue, this liqueur is smooth, silky, rich and complex with peatiness derived from whisky. The finish is long, warm and smoky, with no burn whatsoever.



Our Honey Whisky liqueur is hand crafted in the artisanal distillery that is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family, where a second generation father and son distilling team with combined 50 years of experience use traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients to create this highly-acclaimed Honey Whisky liqueur.