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Mar 10th


Double Eagle Imports teams with Garvey Wholesale in California

All our tequila, Arrogante, Rudo and Tecnico, are now available in California through Garvey Wholesale - the leading cash and carry warehouse serving the retail licensees in Los Angeles area since 1967.

Feb 23th



Double Eagle Imports is pleased to announce the launch of their new brands of super premium tequilas Rudo and Tecnico in the state of Georgia where the brands are distributed by Empire Distributors, Inc.

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New Products


Rudo is 100% Weber Blue Agave elaborated tequila that is rated 94.
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Flying Dutchman Rum

Flying Dutchman silver Rum is triple distilled in copper pot stills.
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Mombasa Club Gin

Mombasa Club is a small batch super premium London Dry Gin.
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Double Eagle Imports is an importer, marketer and brand builder of the premium spirits and liqueurs that are produced by the traditional, artisanal methods with love and uncompromising dedication to quality.

Our ever-evolving portfolio includes alcoholic beverages from all major spirits categories produced under the brand names of Arrogante, Mombasa Club, Pincer, Bear Force, Zuidam, Rudo and Tecnico. All our brands have one thing in common - they are created by the artisans, whose love for the craft and for their products is reflected in the quality that shines through each and every sip.

Our mission is to build brands that deserve consumers loyalty through unique brand concepts, unmatched quality and taste as well as their solid value.

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