Pincer Botanical Vodka

Distilled to 38%, Pincer Botanical Vodka combines centuries of distilling heritage, 100% selected grain and the finest Scottish mountain water with the natural botanical extracts of Blessed Thistle and Wild Elder flower.  


Botanical Vodka

Origin  Scotland
Alc. By Vol.  38%
MSRP  $25.99
Bottle  750 ml, 50 ml
Gift Pack  Yes


Pincer Botanical Vodka

The Scottish care about their alcohol which is self-evident with this dazzling product. Pincer vodka is a product of centuries of distilling experience, the finest ingredients, and an absolute dedication to perfection. The hand-selected botanicals include fresh Elder flowers, lemon and just a smidgen of blessed thistle to counter-balance the sweetness of Elder flowers. The Elder flowers are hand picked in Great Britain during one week of July when the bloom is at its peak and infused with thistle and lemons for 6 months in a slow and artisan process designed to coax the purest flavors from the ingredients, creating an intriguing flavour profile that works equally well mixed with tonic or as part of a luxurious cocktail.

The infused botanicals are cold filtered to remove the impurities and bottled at 38% - the best proof to enjoy the vodka, as many believe. The presentation is elegant and gives credit to the unique spirit within.



Pincer Botanical vodka is produced in Broxburn, near Edinburgh, using Scottish mountain water and fresh natural ingredients. Previously enjoyed by the stars and celebrities in the prestigious European locations, Pincer Vodka has finally crossed the ocean and now is available to the American consumers. Please enjoy its honey smooth texture, fruity, clean taste and a herbaceous apple leaf finish. Cheers!