Fermentation Natural
Cooking Masonry "Hornos"
Agave origin Los Altos
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Rudo and Tecnico invite you to enter the magical world of "los enmascarados" - the masked heroes of Lucha Libre.

Tequilas Rudo and Tecnico are inspired by Lucha Libre, a spectacular and extremely popular Mexican style of professional wrestling, and its rich cultural traditions. Lucha Libre is not only a fascinating live event or an athletic form of a riveting storytelling; it is tightly intertwined with many aspects of the modern Latino pop culture - from urban graffiti and tattoos to movies, comic books and music. Loved by the millions of loyal fans, Lucha Libre is an important part of Mexican heritage and is quickly gaining foothold in the USA.

All Lucha matches are based on the eternal confrontation between forces of good and evil, represented by two groups of wrestlers: Tecnicos, noble fighters and heroes, and the famous villains of the sport - brawlers and rule-breakers Rudos.

Tequila Rudo
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Branding that is inspired by Mexican folk art, traditions and heritage.

Presentation of Rudo and Tecnico tequilasis based on the intricate masks that are worn by Lucha Libre wrestlers while competing on the arena. In Lucha Libre, a wrestling mask is a symbol of strength and empowerment, transforming an ordinary person into a fearless fighter against forces of evil, oppression and corruption. Borrowing heavily from Mexican mythology and folklore, Lucha Libre has turned masked men into brave heroes, into undeniable symbols of justice and hope.

As a result, wrestling masks are considered "sacred" and play a crucial part in creating luchador’s image. A mask is worn by many luchadores not only in a wrestling ring but even in public, thereby keeping their identities secret from the adoring crowds.

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Handcrafted from mature Highlands Blue Agave that are sourced from independent agave farmers committed to sustainable practices.

Made from 100% hand-selected Blue Agave from the Highlands of Jalisco, Rudo and Tecnico are double distilled in small batches in traditional alembic pot stills. Reposado is aged for 4 months in slightly charred American oak barrels that were previously used in bourbon production, while Anejo rests in small oak casks for 18 months. This long interaction between aging tequila and bourbon barrels results in the development of specific flavor characteristics such as baking spices, honey and subtle hints of caramel. These qualities of bourbon-barrel aged tequila make it desirable not only to tequila buyers but also to a large market of bourbon and whiskey drinkers.

Rudo and Tecnico product line is a winner of five Gold Medals from prestigious tasting competitions, two "Best of the Best" awards, and is rated between 91 and 94 points.

Tecnico Anejo: Grassy Agave nose; smooth texture but assertively rustic with earthy, spicy notes; fleshy and with a lovely follow-through; one of the few anejos that retain an intense and charming agave flavor; long and balanced.

Anthony Dias Blue (Tasting Panel Magazine)