Tequila Rudo

"With a nose of cinnamon-spiced lime chiffon, this Reposado had us at the first sniff. At its core, a lean mineral driven agave stays in the ring, while pepper and peppermint lingers on and on with its one-two punch. 94 Points" (The Tasting Panel Magazine).




Origin  Los Altos, Mexico
Producer  Impulsora Rombo
Alc. By Vol.  40%
Bottle  750 ml, 375 ml, 50 ml
Gift Pack  Yes
Website  www.rudotecnico.com
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Rudo - Luchador and Tequila

Rudo is one of the main heroes of Lucha Libre (Mexican professional wrestling style). Rudo is a brawler and a character the fans love to hate. Appearing in the red mask, Rudo is considered the "bad" guy or a "heel" and who is willing to win by any means necessary even if it means cheating or brown-nosing the referee. Boisterous and funny, rudos engage the crowds of spectators and set up the mood for the game. 

Carefully elaborated at the family-run artisanal distillery, tequila Rudo offers a perfect combination of spectacular presentation and a superior taste. To pay homage to Rudo's character, our tequila boasts bold and unexpected flavors. Reposado and Anejo are aged to perfection in bourbon white oak barrels to achieve smooth and luxurious texture and long finish. Selected "Most Likely to Succeed in 2012" by the Tasting Panel Magazine, Rudo Reposado was rated 94 - an outstanding score. 100% Weber Blue Agave, 100% Authentic and 100% Fun!


Our distillery uses only traditional artisanal methods to elaborate the tequila. The blue agave are grown in the rich volcanic soil of Los Altos area. Unlike other manufacturers who cut the costs and time by using stainless steel autoclaves to pressure-cook the agaves and then jump start the fermentation using commercial chemically-treated yeast, our traditional methods ensure that delicate flavors are formed and the resulting tequila is buttery smooth!