Tecnico Anejo: "Grassy agave nose; smooth texture but assertively rustic with earthy, spicy notes; fleshy and with a lovely follow-through; one of the few añejos that retains an intense and charming agave flavor; long and balanced. 92 points. (Anthony Dias Blue)



Origin  Los Altos, Mexico
Producer  Impulsora Rombo
Alc. By Vol.  40%
Bottle  750 ml, 375 ml, 50 ml
Gift Pack  Yes
Website  www.rudotecnico.com
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Tecnico - Luchador and Tequila

In Lucha Libre (Mexican professional wrestling style), there are two paths for a wrestler to take: the técnicos or the or rudos or "heels". Tecnicos are the “good guys,” the noble and heroic Luchadores that strive to uphold honor and integrity in the face of overwhelming opposition. For their skills and nobility, técnicos are rewarded with the affection of the public, with cheers, requests for autographs, and general adulation.

Produced by artisanal methods from the finest agave, our tequila honors the very essence of Tecnico's character - noble, refined and elegant in style. This carefully elaborated tequila offers unparalleled smoothness and depth of flavor, which will satisfy even the most sophisticated palate. We age our tequila in white oak casks until alcohol mellows and the flavors of blue agave are perfectly married to the subtle toasted notes from the wood. Tequila Tecnico is presented in a light-hearted package that will bring smile to your face and make Tecnico a center point of any party! !00% Blue Agave, 100% Authentic and 100% Fun!


Our distillery uses only traditional artisanal methods to elaborate the tequila. The blue agave are grown in the rich volcanic soil of Los Altos area. Unlike other manufacturers who cut the costs and time by using stainless steel autoclaves to pressure-cook the agaves and then jump start the fermentation using commercial chemically-treated yeast, our traditional methods ensure that delicate flavors are formed and the resulting tequila is buttery smooth!