Zuidam Genevers

The unique flavors and aromas of Zuidam Genevers come from the finest, most natural botanicals, spices and herbs from around the world. Zuidam Genevers are bottled from one selected cask only and are famous for their quality and taste.


Aged Genevers

Origin  Holland
Producer  Zuidam Distillery
Alc. By Vol.  42%
Bottle  1 Liter
Gift Pack  Yes

Single Barrel Aged Genevers

A new product for the American market, an aged Genever resembles a fine malt whisky with subtle herbal notes and designed to be enjoyed straight or in whisky-based cocktails.

Zuidam Genevers are distilled from the finest selection of Malted Barley, Rye and Corn. The grains used in the production of Zuidam Genevers are milled by the traditional windmills. The fermentation takes place in small batches at a very low temperature for a period of 5 days to give the Genever its fruity flavors. This is much longer than is customary but is essential to allow for the delicate flavors to form. The resulting spirit is distilled 3 times in small handcrafted copper pot stills and married with the extracts of the finest botanicals including juniper, licorice, anise and marjoram. After the careful distillation Genevers are aged in small American white oak barrels for up to 5 years.

Experience the heritage of Holland and one of Europe's oldest traditional spirits, proudly produced by two generations of Master Distillers from the family of Zuidam.

Zuidam Distillery

Our aged single barrel Genevers are hand crafted in the artisanal distillery that is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family, where a second generation father and son distilling team with combined 50 years of experience use traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients to create the ultimate Genevers. The product range is comprised of 1 year, 3 year and 5 year aged Genevers that are distinguished by its very rich vanilla and toffee notes and a really silky smooth mouth feel.