Zuidam Dry Gin

This ultra-premium gin has scored the "highest recommendation" from the Wine Enthusiast magazine, 5 star rating and the "highest recommendation" from the Spirits Journal and a rare 5 out of 5 rating from the prestigious CLASS magazine.


Dry Gin

Origin  Holland
Producer  Zuidam Distillery
Alc. By Vol.  44.5%
Bottle  750 ml
Zuidam Dry Gin


Zuidam Dry Gin

Zuidam award-winning gin contains nine botanicals: Juniper berries and Iris root from Italy, Coriander from Morocco, Angelica root, fresh sweet Oranges and Lemons from Spain, whole Vanilla beans from Madagascar, Liquorice root from India and Cardamom pods from Ceylon. Unlike other gins, which add all the botanicals simultaneously, Zuidam distills each ingredient separately in copper stills and then marries the nine different distillates together according to their secret recipe. “Flavors peak at different temperatures and if you throw everything together in the still, you end up with a dominance of juniper and a gin that is out of balance,” explains Patrick van Zuidam, master distiller. “By distilling separately, we get the purest flavors from all our ingredients".

After the individual distillations, the final blend is created having undergone a total of 14 distillations (5 for the base grain spirit and 9 individual distillations for each botanical). The gin is then aged 3 months before bottling. The nose is clean with fresh citrus and earthy juniper notes and a beguiling hint of spice and vanilla. Its layered flavors make it a perfect martini gin, yet the balance of flavors allows it to mix admirably with the fresh fruit flavors favoured by today’s cutting edge bar chefs.



Zuidam Dry Gin is hand crafted in the artisanal distillery that is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family, where a second generation father and son distilling team with combined 50 years of experience use traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients to create this clean, fresh , delicious gin of unparalleled quality that has garnered a high praise from the industry experts from around the world.