Zuidam Liqueurs

Zuidam liqueurs are hand-crafted from the finest natural ingredients by infusing fresh fruit or berries in alcohol for up to 6 months in a slow and artisan process designed to extract the purest aromas and flavors for your enjoyment!

Zuidam Strawberry Liqueur
Zuidam Mandarin Liqueur
Zuidam Cassis Liqueur
Zuidam Raspberry Liqueur
Zuidam Cherry Liqueur


Natural Liqueurs

Origin  Holland
Supplier  Zuidam Distillers
Bottle  750 ml

A great selection of Natural Liqueurs

Zuidam Liqueurs are still made in the traditional artisanal way from the finest natural ingredients. All recipes are designed by father Fred and son Patrick van Zuidam distilling team with more than 50 years of combined experience. The freshest fruit, berries or botanicals are slowly infused in alcohol for a period of many months to gently coax the taste and aromas from the natural ingredients.

Product line includes 10 liqueurs - Mandarin, Strawberry, Raspberry, Cassis, Chocolate, Vanilla, Apple, Green Apple, Cherry and Poire William. These liqueurs deliver the very essence of the fresh fruit, berries and fragrant spices and botanicals. Zuidam Liqueurs can be enjoyed straight, over ice, in cocktails or just pour a little over the ice cream for a spectacular dessert!


Zuidam natural liqueurs are hand crafted in the artisanal distillery that is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family, where a second generation father and son distilling team with combined 50 years of experience use traditional methods and the finest natural ingredients to create this wonderful selection of liqueurs.