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Agave origin Los Altos

01. Espanita

Handcrafted from 100% Blue Agave, Espanita is estate-bottled at one of Mexico's most respected artisanal distilleries. Created by using hand-selected ripe Blue Agave plants and ancestral production methods, tequila Espanita is a sophisticated and velvety smooth spirit. Proudly showcasing distinctive aromas and delectable flavors of traditionally slow-baked agaves, Espanita’s packaging is optimized for on-premise and draws people’s attention when displayed on retail shelf.

Rich illustrative branding, rooted in heritage, craftsmanship and cultural symbolism provides a powerful storytelling tool that engages consumers with the brand by delivering a strong message about Espanita’s origin, authenticity, and tradition.

02. Inspiration

Espanita’s presentation is inspired by the traditional Sun and Moon motifs, deeply rooted in the ancient mythology of indigenous people of Mexico. In a creative, original spin on conventional tequila packaging, labels of three age expressions of Espanita tequila feature distinctive art designs, symbolic of its three age expressions by echoing natural transcendence of tequila from clear and pure Blanco to warm golden shine of Espanita Reposado and culminating in the well-aged, complex Espanita Anejo tequila.

Espanita Blanco depicts the crescent Moon surrounded by the shimmering stars, which signifies a promise of a new beginning wherever there is an end. Espanita Reposado features a golden disk of the Sun, an ancient symbol of rebirth, strength and power. Anejo’s label portrays a juncture of the Sun and the Moon; combined together they represent a merging of opposites, unity and cooperation.

03. Process

Preserving and honoring traditional craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Each bottle of Espanita tequila is individually numbered and signed by the Master Distiller Beto Ramirez to ensure the impeccable quality control and demonstrate the commitment to remain faithful to our roots and histories of excellence and distinction.

What’s so attractive about this Reposado is that it’s both zesty/feral and elegant/classic in equal measure and that’s the key to the puzzle. Succulent and savory, as it proves that Agave accepts wood aging gracefully but for the wood aging to be effective it has to allow Agave to be a little bit snarly and robust. Cannot believe the price on this Reposado when you consider that so many are fetching $50 and up. RESERVE A CASE.”

F. Paul Pacult (Spirits Journal)


Gold Medal - Beverage Testing Institute
"TOP 100 SPIRITS" - Wine Enthusiast 2018


94 Points - Wine Enthusiast
"Highest Recommendation" - Spirits Journal